Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mariamman Kovil Utsavam,Wayanad,Kerala : Theyyam - II

Theyyam and other tribal dance performances :

Theyyam is a type of ritual dance popular in northern regions of Kerala...Theyyam includes dance, music and reflects the stories of ancient tribal cultures which involves the stories of ancient heros of Kerala culture..The dancers wore vibrant coloured cloths mostly red/orange and covered their faces with the typical Theyyam make-up..It is said that there are over 400 types of Theyyam performed in different festivals at different temples in Kerala..

To know more about this art form,here is an interesting article about Theyyam,
 Kerala's Theyyam


rupam sarma said...

Amazing pics. Thanks for sharing.

Steps Together said...

Wow.. what a beautiful celebration.. Thanks for sharing the info..

dhiru guri said...

Wonderful captures. He looks like theyyam only.