Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mariamman Kovil Utsavam,Wayanad,Kerala : Vetti Vinayagar Temple-I

Vetti Vinayagar temple :

The best thing ever happened to us after coming here is an opportunity to witness the major festival  of Sulthan Bathery,The Mariamman festival..This yearly festival usually celebrated in the month of February with firecrackers,elephant parade,performances of Theyyam and other tribal art forms..

The event started at Vetti Vinayagar temple in Sulthan Bathery where the people in and around the town gathered in their traditional Kerala dressing..The women sparkling in their Kerala sarees carried Puja Thaalis with them,each Thaali arranged with flowers,lights and dhoop sticks...There are four temple elephants,well fed and taken care of before the grand event..

I've divided this post in to three separate posts as it was difficult to post all the pictures in one single post..Here we go with the pictures taken at temple..

Women,men and children lighting the diyas around the temple...

Kerala women with their Puja Thaalis.....

Soul stirring performance..Completely immersed..

The band of musicians...

The Maharaja....Relaxing before the grand event..


పద్మ said...

Feast to the eyes.

rupam sarma said...

Nice to read about 'Mariamman Kovil Utsavam'
Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

Found In Folsom said...

అసలు దీపాలు ఫోటో మాత్రం సూపర్ పిల్లా .....totally totally loved it. You are lucky :)