Sunday, May 14, 2023

The Dance of Clowns and Curmudgeons

Ahhhh !!!! The roller coaster weekend has come to an end. I'm tired and now sitting in a cafe with a cup of coffee, dusting off thoughts by blogging. Here's the picture of a cafe that is nearby our house. We can reach there anytime by walking.

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When your perceptions or notions turn into absolute reality, that's a perfect "Aha" moment for you. :) You get to tell yourself , "Hey, told you so". I usually see people as unique individuals and give them benefit of doubt even though they belong to certain crowds and groups I do not approve of , or people who are not my cup of tea. However their true colours are revealed sooner or later. Disappointment, yes. They are not even close to your basic standards. I know I'm sounding rude.

But what is it that all these people have in common ? What is it that binds them so strongly together ?  I ask myself. Here's few common traits I observed.

* They have a serious need for acceptance and approval. Because most of their personal lives are absolute mess. These poor poor things do not have healthy relationships with direct family and kids.

* They might be struggling with physical / mental health issues and traumas. I really feel sorry for them. They or their family members might be going to therapies. Sadly, It's not their fault. 

* They are spineless cowards who need communities to hide their cowardice.

* Lack of character and lack of integrity that makes them wants to desperately merge in.

* Their common thirst for fame, they do not need truth, they cannot differentiate between good and evil, they simply join any crowd if they think that helps them gain a little bit of attention and fame.

* They are clowns who simply dance by the rhythm of the crowds without any second thought. Most of us misjudge their pettiness as goodness.

* Their fear of aging, eventually losing control. To get over this, or to get validation, they do not hesitate to stoop down to any levels.

* Where grannies and nannies act like sweet sixteen, talk rubbish to get attention, behave shamelessly in public.

As they say , "birds of feather flock together", they connect with similar people. The cynics, curmudgeons, cowards , liers, dishonest and the characterless. That's where they feel like home because they identify themselves with such people.

All these are the thoughts that occurred to me instantly whenever I think about these rotten communities.

Now, enough of judging and mocking , 

Years of literature reading allows you live a thousand lives. You can see your perception and theirs as well. You cannot get angry, you cannot hate them either. Instead you simply try to understand where they are coming from. You totally "get them" . You put your feet in their shoes. And you forgive them in your heart quietly and gladly remove yourself from all those unhealthy environments and move on.

(On a funny note, the title of this nonsense post is influenced by "The song of ice and fire". :)) Recently we finished watching GOT for the second time, in our home theater.)

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