Thursday, July 8, 2021

My Audrey

 My Audrey ❤️

“You call yourself a free spirit, a “wild thing,” and you're terrified somebody's gonna stick you in a cage." - Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Image Courtesy Choi Mi Kyung

She survived the worst kind of loss

Like losing herself in someone or somewhere

However the recovery is quiet astonishing

for she became much more stronger when she united with herself.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

They Leave

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On a cold winter evening you are knitting your colourful wools in your cozy cottage..

The travellers push open the door and enter inside without your permission for the door has no lock to stop them..

They shower love,hug and kiss and make merry..The little cabin lightens pouring and the glasses tinkling.

You neglect your knitting..forgot your little passions of contentment.

With the night falling the wine bottles got empty..pieces of broken glasses scattered here and there.

They leave your cozy cabin all clumsy and cluttered for the cabin has no lock to stop them either.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Keeper of Tales

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I don’t know how long I’m allowed to wander 
in the wilderness of mind full of complex contradictions, restless fantasies and fairy tales
Brimming with lush green creepers of convictions all tangled and trackless,
Lingo as straight as cedars and cypresses,
Self mirroring streams of subtle sensibilities

Eternal sunshines and moonlit nights in the woods waiting for soft footsteps
That walk and talk while telling brand new tales
You and me and the man walking over there,
All are kindly welcomed to experience the enchanting love of the keeper..

But remember,these moments could last only for a minute,or an hour ! Perhaps a day.. ! 

But why does it matter after all ?
As long as the fables flow and in due course scatter.
For I’m well aware,Forevers in the realms of intimacies are rare.

But why should I care ?
Being part of someone or something even for a little while is rare
I cease to search for feckless answers..Learnt to listen to the unspoken words..
Embracing uncertainties and tenderness of mere silences

In the wilderness where ‘‘perhaps’ and ‘may be’ sounds more palpable than any stern certitudes
I’m thriving through the moments of wild fascinations of heart

In the end it is all that matters to me.
For those are the moments I feel I’m really alive.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Kolukkumalai - Theni District,Tamilnadu

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Nowadays Instagram is keeping me away from blogging..Moreover you guys know me,always too lazy to write :) But I have a lot many travel tales..experienced to the heart's content but sadly untold..This year is full of leisure trips for us,no doubt our Kerala days left us completely lazy..This time we visited Kolukkumalai,one of the popular destinations near Munnar..8,000 feet above sea level,this is known to be the highest tea estate in the world..Most of the tea estates are owned by the well-known Harrrisons Malayalam Ltd.,India's most diversified agri-business..It is India's largest producer of rubber and pepper and also South India's largest producer of tea..Our initial plan was to visit the Neela Kurinji bloom but Munnar was one of the worst hit places during Kerala floods this year..As usual we had a backup plan and Kolukkumalai was the immediate name in our plan..This place is  around 34 km from Munnar and 30 km from Suryanelli(Kerala)..Our pre-booked stay was at 'Lake zone holiday resort' in Suryanelli road in Kerala which is very comfortable.

As personal vehicles are not allowed in Kolukkumalai,you have to take a Jeep safari from there..The early morning jeep ride at 4 am from Suryanelli to Kolukkumalai was absolutely pathetic..Despite of the scenic beauty all around,the bumpy off road (17 km) leaves you exhausted..But after one and half hour drive you feel the pain is really worth it..It's safe to avoid taking elders and kids on this trip.

Now,here we go with the pics.

Shades of dawn..


The mighty mountains...

Anai-Irangal or Anaiyirankal dam reservoir

Lake Zone holiday resort

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Thekkady - Idukki District,Kerala

Yeah long time here!! It's been a while since I posted something in my Utopian land..So here I'm with few pics taken during our visit to Thekkady last August..There are a lot more travel stories to share with you all,but nowadays I'm too lazy to blog...This reading obsession really made me a   sloth,sitting in my coach,having hot coffee,reading all the time..So coming to the post,we visited Thekkady in last year August..This time we had our stay inside the Periyar forest in KTDC guest house..The name is Aranya Nivas..There are so many facilities included,library (most of the books are in French ofcourse :P),swimming pool and playing area for children..Also there is a well maintained Tiger Reserve in Periyar forest..Don't miss the wonderful boating experience in the Periyar river if you go there..The stay is really good and food is delicious..Here we go with the pics..

Periyar River

 Spices shopping

 An afternoon meal at Sree Krishna Marwadi Gujarati Restaurant..

A heavy breakfast buffet..

Herd of Bysons...


 Tribal woman came there for fishing..

A little leisure...

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Adalaj Stepwell (Adalaj ni vav) - Ahmedabad,Gujarat

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Unplanned journeys always end in our favour..While returning from Varanasi we have to catch our connecting flight at Ahmedabad...With one full day in our pocket,we surfed for places to visit in Ahmedabad..Besides Sabarmathi this place caught my attention with its wonderful architecture and style..Adalaj Stepwell was built in sandstone in the Solanki architectural style and was a five storied construction..There is a very interesting story related to this place..
In 15th century King Rana Veer Singh,a Hindu ruler started building this step well but before he could complete it,his kingdom was attacked by a Muslim ruler Mohammed Begda and the king Rana Veer died in the war..The Muslim king asked Rana Veer's queen Rani Roopba (or Roodabai) to marry him..Surprisingly she agreed to his proposal on the condition that he would first complete the building of the step well started by her late husband..The invader happily agreed but once the step well completed the queen jumped into the well and committed suicide..The construction is a wonderful combination of Hindu-Islam architectures.

Here we go with the pictures..

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lakkidi View Point - Wayanad,Kerala

Lakkidi View point is the gateway of Wayanad in Kerala and is one of the most popular places to visit in Wayanad..Vythiri,the famous holiday destination of Wayanad district is the nearest town to this place..As usual rainy season is the best time to visit this place as Lakkidi offers a breathtaking view of foggy Western Ghats in monsoons..The floating clouds over the lavish green mountains is a wonderful experience for nature overs..Here we go with the pics from our visit.