Thursday, December 1, 2011

Four Chapters

It was a long story....hey its ok,I will tell u in short...:-) I was 14 year old then and I have to participate in a debate,And my concept was Life of Rabindranath Tagore...I think I'm very much blessed to have that opportunity...I did a lot of  home work and practice...Took his details and I finished with my debate,ofcourse came in 2nd...But from then on,till now I never forgot him.The extrordinary,wonderful,ideal way of his living is still there in my imaginary views...My poor expressing skills are not enough to describe such a great poet,writer & painter...There was a time,I felt bad for not knowing Bengali to understand this great writer's soul......

So when the thought of posting few lines about the books I read,came in to my mind, I thought let us start with a Tagore's work...So it is 4 Chapters...I was quite surprised to know that this story,he wrote in his 72nd year.. Age is just for body and not for heart...So true with this great man...He tackled the love between Atin and Ela so wonderfully in the backdrop of revolution in 1930's...He reflected the capital asset of their natures,as well as to render an account of their transactions with the outside world with which they had to deal till end.... This was a controvesial story,in which the writer boldly expressed his views on liberty of a human being.The struggle between the liberty and love was handled in a very nice way......These are the Author's words about the controversy of the book - ""Controversy and moral preaching are fit material for articles in periodicals,not for literature"".


Emily Rose said...

"Age is just for body and not for heart"
I like that.:)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Yaa an ultimate fact...:-) Hope you are feeling well now...:-)