Thursday, April 2, 2009

I want some space !!!!

Space !!!!!! Only people who can enjoy their own company needs this so called Space........I seems to be selfish,because I'm fond of some space for myself.Naturally I love my own company.This new word came in to light recently,because our ancestors never had a possibility to experience this word.

Is it good having space or not !!! See, for every thing we can find two faces,the positive and the negative.So obviously it will have both the results.

Letz see.Having healthy space leads you take some off with your daily routine and makes you free immersing yourself in your favourite hobby or the thing,you love most and enjoy doing it.No such fixed parameters defined for what makes one feel happy..It depends upon individuals. It can be anything,reading,writing,painting,cooking,dancing,gardening,singing,playing,listening to music,even sleeping happily also comes in the same list...Doing your favourite thing in a day will definitely pay you mental pleasure.And also it gives strength to complete all the regular works easily without boredom.

On the contrary of my early saying,I was wrong saying our ancestors have never experienced this space !They use to find pleasure in gatherings,cooking,household works,festivals and lots more.So this word "Space" is new but the feel is too old.In the older times people use to find their happiness in togetherness.So they enjoy every moment in gatherings etc.

If the space occupies more area in our life,then it reforms as lonelyness which can not bring any happiness but also have adverse impact on us.It may cause damage to both physical and mental health.So we must be able to identify the narrow margin in between, having space and lonelyness.Getting some space from all is always advisable.But within proper limits.Hope you agree with me.What do you say ?


sunilvedula said...

Hmmm.....lot of things said but i would love to say that it does not matter how much space we have as long as we have and we dont invade into others space

Nagini Kandala said...

Want to hear more comments from u further also...Cheers

Nagini Kandala said...

Well said Sunil...I agree with u..Thats why I said 'Healthy Space'(which is not harmful to others) ....Thanks.