Monday, March 23, 2009

Things that pour strength in relationships

I'm afraiding of putting focus on this topic because I donno how much relationships I maintain ! But daring to express my innervoice.In any relationship giving respect and taking respect plays prominent role. As we have been told in some movie a person's personality is shown in the way he behaves with the small people. Small in the sence younger,poor etc.etc.An old wine in a new bottle right !!!!

As we are talking about relationships,Here I need to bring something in to focus.Hope u guys can guess.Yaaa its nothing but "Friendship".Among all relationships "Friendship" is having its own significance.Because in that there are no rights on one another,no formalities.People only respecting one another can become good friends.Plenty of freedom will be there in friendship when we compared to other relationships like husband-wife,mother,father-children,elders-youngers etc etc.So if u want anybody to be ur friend first u have to give him/her plenty of freedom (healthy).Here I mean the freedom to be being "Herself / Himself".I think nobody is having any right to question a person's personality,life style.If one thing is correct for him the same is wrong for another.The right and wrong varies with person to person.Here I'm deviating from the topic I think.Lets come to main thing.So whether elder or younger one should have respect to other's feelings n openions.But at the same time we should stay at the advisory end to our near and dear.Nobody wants to live under somebody's controls.If we have a glance at our history we find A man always in search of freedom.So no relationship will stay longer with force.

And here "words" are all asssociated with these relationships which play the entire game.We shouldn't lose our words.So many sensitive relationships may get damaged because of just Words.I did the same mistake in my little brother's case.I'm not ready to admit that he is grown-up.Thinking that he is still my little one,I tried to force my openions on him.And I never hesitated to point the finger at him.With that my little one stopped sharing any thing with me.Now he can not see a friend in me.I'm just his elder One.Thats it.From this mistake now I learnt that everybody must be within certain barriers to point out things in anybody.we shouldn't cross them.If we do so we lose a friend from our list.

In this world one is having every right live according to their theory unless it hurt others.To maintain proper relationship we must admit that, change is always there and we must go on with the change.I think, that relationship is said to be worthy by having which, you need not change your personality and which helps your development in all areas.So live,and allow others to live.


Found In Folsom said...

ఏదో కొంచెం బాగానే హర్ట్ అయ్యి రాసినట్లు ఉన్నారు.:) Anyways, remembered a small quote I pasted in my cube : "Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them".

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

హా...హా...భలే కనిపెట్టేశారు...మరి బాధ లో నుంచే కదండీ ఇటువంటి పైత్యం పుట్టుకొస్తుంది..I liked that quotation very much..:-)So true..:-)