Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My Way

Perhaps your happiness is among crowds..
Mind you,mine in solitude...

You search your identity in others..
I 'own' my identity..

Perhaps you rejoice in those artificial 'plastic smiles'..
Me,comfortable in presence of mere silence..

Your sight stops at the surface of creepy flesh..
Mine goes searching the soul deep inside..

You blame me as anti-social..
I think you are a party freak...mere social butterfly..

I respect your comfort in socializing..
You learn to appreciate my solitude...

Don't judge my way..
Otherwise I'm compelled to judge your's..


Ravish Mani said...

Wonderful thought.Loved it :)

vajra deep said...

Interesting thoughts as well as inspiring perspective to the readers. More of non hackneyed people or kind of optimistic rebels behave in the same way, you are either of the one and so unique thoughts. Thanks alot for this wonderful post.

sathish kumar said...

Bold. Ravishing.

Anna Berry said...

Deep! So true though!

dojuma said...

nice and interesting

Esther said...

don't judge my way, unless i judge yours. wow, harsh reality.