Saturday, July 16, 2016

Philosophy Vs Spirituality

A : Why are you reading all that life complicating stuff ? Read Ramayana and Bhagavatha instead..They would give you peace and happiness..I'm telling you,they are good for you...
B : But those are 'Rule books' right !!
A : What ?
B : Yeah,'Rule books'..They simply teach you 'How one must live an ideal life'..
A : I didn't get you..
B : See I'm neither talking about good or bad nor referring to any religion...I would like to experience life's darkness and brightness,both on my own..It's just I want to find my own meaning...However the good books in your opinion must have written by someone out of their experiences right !..You know Camus once told that 'man is the only creature on earth who denies his own nature'...So I prefer finding it out from every possible way instead of following Rule books..
A : You never change !!
B : No,you are wrong,I'm prone to change every single second...