Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Then I found books..

Any sort of expression in it's most sincerest form is irresistible..I would love to listen to people who speak their mind with all honesty...A pure expression of despair,joy,sadness or not to mention,it could be bad vibes,but what ever,that honesty in expressing themselves always appear quite  fascinating for me..But these days everyone is trying their level best to be the best version of themselves in front of society..Needless to say we afraid of revealing our true selves to others because they might take advantage..So we usually put our best smile on,although our life is a complete mess some times..I know,I'm not an exception though..Then I stopped indulging in formal,forcible and meaningless talks...But who else could have the most passionate and tempting tales to tell us other than people..
And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnn,I found books...
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Barbara Fisher said...

Books are the solution to everything! Well maybe not everything, but it is certainly nice to relax with a book and forget the outside world. Hope you are well, I've not been over for a while so decided it was time to catch up.