Saturday, December 12, 2015

Horanadu and Kudremukh - Karnataka

When we reached Mangalore from Chennai,our pre-booked cab was ready for us...From there we set off towards Horanadu via Kudremukh at nearly 9.30 am...The distance was around 130 km by road..On the way,we visited Hanumangundi falls and Vasanadu temple(which is also Annapurneshwari temple)...The drive was joyful and comfortable as the roads were really good with lots of greenery on both sides..Kudremukh mountain range was an eye feast...In Horanadu we stayed in 'Bhadra Nivas' which is a temple accommodation with minimal charges...It was newly built and the rooms were very good and spacious..The temple was less crowded when we visited it..

With nature..
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Copyright A Homemaker's Utopia
Here are few pics of the Horanadu Annapurneshwari temple..
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The first pic is Hanumangundi falls..
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Kokila Gupta said...

What a beautiful fall! A wonderful trip Nagini !!

rupam sarma said...

So beautiful photos.

Deepa said...

Beautiful photos :)

Bikram said...

beautiful pics mam


Vasudha Somayaji said...

Oh, the falls is beautiful. We missed them. We recently visited the Hornadu temple and passed through the kudremukh national park. But apart from enjoying beauty of the mountains we didn't stop in the park.