Monday, October 19, 2015

Socially sanskari ladki

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A says : Please do help me..People are so misunderstanding me these days..They only see what they want to see..I do care but spilling love on social media and PDAs are not really my scene..
B says : Then show them exactly what you want them to see..Showing is alone important than doing..

A says : Ohh,stop your usual nonsense..Would you just get me straight to the point..
B says : Grow up girl,learn to sugarcoat your words first,It's not enough to have sincere  affections..Nowadays you must also shout it from the rooftops..

A says : I keep my affections a private affair..
B says : Here is the point..Oh dear,you should either throw your love on social media walls or to the least, learn to keep it as whatsapp status messages..Make sure a minimum of 100 people were constantly watching when you are spreading that divine thing called love..

A says : Whatttt !!! You are totally mad..
B says : But this is how things work these days..Let me help you a little bit more..Like,comment and if you love them a lot just reshare every little crap they post..And praise them for everything,again forget not,you're doing it in public..Then you'll see the magic.

A says : Oh shut up..
B says : No...You grow up..


Somali K Chakrabarti said...

Reshare every little crap they post....haha :)

Ranjana's craft blog said...

Hahaha...Real social media

vajra deep said...

Really social media is turning into artificial love than Natural way we used to have before the Social Networking days. The love of life is not in the walls of the heart but of-course in the Social Walls... Good humor post...:)

Bikram said...

he he he :) grow up indeed ..

and yes we do need to sugarcoat the words these days ... you never know who will get offended :)