Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chennai Book Fair - 2015 : Kid's Special

I deliberately missed last year's Chennai book fair as the number of books I'm reading is considerably less than the books that are piling up in my shelves...Being mother of a single child I've many more responsibilities and duties other than being a 'book worm'..Thus I'm dragging myself to household duties and most importantly to fulfill my primary duties as a mother...

I always try to keep 'reading' as a hobby,but you never know when it will take the form of an obsession...Anyways,my kiddoo always complain about my blog posts that I'm very partial,and I always post pics about my books but not his books..So this year I promised him that I'll post few pics of his books here..Though he already have some books like Akbar Birbal,Tenali Rama,Panchatantra,Jathaka tales,Vikram-Bethal etc etc..(There is a huge list you know)..This year I added few more to his reading list..Among them maximum are story books (He love them) for his age group besides a couple of activity and puzzle books..Among 700 plus stalls Chinmaya mission stall was really good for kids books.

I couldn't stop buying few more books for myself as I'm already there :P..I found some very rare books for very low prices at the road side book sellers in front of the Book Fair..We spent a whole tiresome day (after our vacation) in the Book Fair..My kid got so exhausted,that he asked his Dad if he would take him home,he would give him hundred rupees.:))


Unknown said...

bavundi.. .me vadu bhale gaduggayle :)
Radhika (nani)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Radhika garu,
హ హ హ..:P థాంక్స్ అండీ :) :)

Sreedhar Bhattaram said...

Valuable Books for children from the times immemorial!

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful photos from Book Fair

Bikram said...

comics .. I love them :)


Anonymous said...

good collection of books from time

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Kimberly Ds said...

I can totally relate to this article... especially the first paragraph!!
Most people would think housewives have all the time in the world, but the truth is far from it!!