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An Ideal Husband - Oscar Wilde

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance...

This is the most phenomenal and striking definition I've ever read about ideal living...Who else can define it in such a beautiful way...Yes Oscar Wilde again..:-) Though he is a versatile writer,most of his works are plays only..'The Picture of Dorian Gray' is the only novel in his writing career..His capability of framing dialogues in a very natural way shows his hold on human behavior and mentalities..Coming to the book,'An Ideal Husband' is a good comedy..The play  is written in the backdrop of aristocratic society of  London..As usual The Irish writer targeted the London high class society..One more time I was spell bound by his witty writing style..

Oh, I love London Society! I think it has immensely improved. It is entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics. Just what Society should be.

In England a man who can’t talk morality twice a week to a large, popular, immoral audience is quite over as a serious politician
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Sir Robert Chiltern,who holds a honourable position in society,built his political career by selling a cabinet secret to a stock broker..He fears public disgrace when the proof of his corruption fell in hands of  Mrs.Cheveley...She starts blackmailing him and forces him to act in her favour for  her political gain..Mrs.Chiltern,The sensible wife of Sir Robert who admires him for his stainless character was shocked to know about this scandal..Sir Lord Goring,best friend of Robert takes the charge to save his friend..Finally Robert got saved from the disgrace with few dramatic consequences...

Even you are not rich enough, Sir Robert, to buy back your past. No man is.

Wilde explained few principles of  'successful marriage' and expectations of man and woman in a relationship..He says,men often need forgiveness and love and hence It is the utmost responsibility of  women to provide them these two..By taking man's side he quoted,woman's life is not as important as man's..My favourite character is none other than Mr.Goring,the most eligible bachelor with confused thoughts about marriage..Perhaps Wilde tried to put his heart and soul in this character..

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book..Of course Its always fun reading Oscar Wilde's...:-)
Here are few lines from the book..I wish I could add few more quotes..But it is going to be a never ending list when it comes to Oscar Wilde...

Sir Robert's agony,
Women think that they are making ideals of men. What they are making of us are false idols merely. You made your false idol of me, and I had not the courage to come down, show you my wounds, tell you my weaknesses. I was afraid that I might lose your love..

I don't know that women are always rewarded for being charming. I think they are usually punished for it!

Men can be analysed, women . . . merely adored.

I love talking about nothing, father. It is the only thing I know anything about

I adore political parties. They are the only place left to us where people don’t talk politics.

I like looking at geniuses, and listening to beautiful people.

Oh, I like tedious, practical subjects. What I don’t like are tedious, practical people. There is a wide difference.

I always pass on good advice.It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.

when the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers.

Life is never fair...And perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not."

Wonderful woman, Lady Markby, isn’t she? Talks more and says less than anybody I ever met

Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike

Lord Goring. Mabel, do be serious. Please be serious.
Mabel Chiltern. Ah! that is the sort of thing a man always says to a girl before he has been married to her. He never says it afterwards

A man’s life is of more value than a woman’s. It has larger issues,wider scope, greater ambitions. A woman’s life revolves in curves of emotions. It is upon lines of intellect that a man’s life progresses.

Bottomline : 'To err' is Men's right..'To forgive' is women's duty....:P


Vishal Rathod said...

Although I am not a novel reader But I got good understanding on it by your review. Nice one. I got to know aome facts.

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Vishal,
Thanks a ton for your valuable feedback Vishal..:-)

AmitAag said...

A very nice review, Nagini:)
Thank you...shall re-read it soon:)

adite said...

Hi. Great to see someone reviewing Oscar Wilde's work. His scathing wit is so delectable and entertaining. Always a joy to read. Cheers!

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Amit Jee,
Thanks a lot for your comment Amit Jee..:-)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Adite,
Yaa,agree with you.Its a joy to read his work.Thanks a lot..:-)

Jay Singh said...

Hi Nagini,

That's a lovely review of a great author.

I can't help but agree to your last line. Women do have huge reserves of forgiveness with them.

How easily are you able to forgive Nagini? :)


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Rajesh said...

Great review.

Rahul Aggarwal said...

"I always pass on good advice.It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself."

so very true!

what a great review this is! ma'am.

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Jay Singh,
ha..ha...Thanks a ton for your lovely comment jay..:-)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Rajesh,
Thank you so much Rajesh..:-)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Rahul Aggarwal,
Thanks a lot Rahul.I'm glad you liked it..:-)

Bushra said...

Hello Nagini..

The best part I loved about your review is the way you have highlighted the dialogues you liked the best. I am a newbie to blogging and have posted one book review to date.

Do check it out and tip me off with a few reviewing tricks!


Fayaz Pasha said...

Interesting book and good reviews on it.

..nagarjuna.. said...

>>Men can be analysed, women... merely adored

wuouh.. what an analysis! :)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Bushra,
Thanks a lot for stopping by..Pls keep visiting..:-)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Fayaz Pasha,
Thank you so much for your comment Fayaz..:-)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Nagarjuna,
Chary gaaru,Thanks a lot for your comment andee.
Yeah that is Oscar Wilde..:)

Meenakshi Malhotra said...

Some attempt are very difficulty and risky to undertake. And when you are reviewing the works of the like of Oscar Wilde, you know the risks involved and I must admit that It is very different and able interpretation of his works.

Brilliant review.

Surya Murali said...

Thanks for an interesting blog... I have nominated you for the Liebster award...
You probably know the details being a frequent blogger... but if you need to be refreshed, here they are ;)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Meenakshi Malhotra,
Thanks a lot for you lovely and encouraging comment..Pls keep visiting..:-)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Surya Murali,
Thank you so much for the nomination buddy..I'm honoured..:-)

aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar said...

nice review

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

@ Aliasgarmukhtiar,
Thank you so much..:-)