Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Goddess Beauty-Sravana Sukravaram Varalakshmi Vratam

Varlakshmi Vratham which is performed in Andhra Pradesh and some parts of South India is very important festival for women.The vratam will be performed on the Friday before the full moon day or the Poornima day in Sravanamasam. It is believed  that worship of Goddess Lakshmi will bring health, wealth and prosperity. Vara means boon. Needless to say,performing puja (in the form of a Vratam) to Goddess Varalakshmi will bring in boons to those who performs with utmost devotion.

Apart from the traditions aspects the festival is more fun for women,who go for huge shopping...New silk clothes,gold ornaments and many more..And for men its a very difficult time to say NO to them...:-)

People believe the different types of benefits of the puja (worship) are Dhan(Money), Dhanyam (Gains or Food), Arogyam (Health), Sampath (Property), Sathsanthanam(Virtuous offspring) and Dheerga saumangalyam (Longevity of the husband)...We do offer her fruits,flowers,new cloths,ornaments,coconuts etc etc and different kinds of 9 types of food prepared called "Naivedyam"..This was my Varalskhmi,I made when I was in Coimbatore....Every year,I make her with great joy...Following traditions is also great fun right ???


Sandhya said...

Aa Vara lakshmi deviki na hardika manah poorvaka namassumanjalulu.. :)
Aa devi anugraham mana andari meeda undalani manaspoortiga aasistunnanu.

lalithag said...

I love your Varalakshmi devi. I hope to be inspired by ypur picture for this year's varalkshmi puja.
Since you have comment moderation, I think it will be easier to comment if you remove word verification.

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Lalitha garu,I donno how to remove Word verification..Can you pls help me out ?? I think that option was not included in settings..

lalithag said...

Here is how (searched on google):

You can turn off the word verification from your dashboard.

1. Go to your dashboard:
2. Click "Settings"
3. Click "Comments" in the Settings submenu (there is also a tab named "Comments" but that is the WRONG place).
4. Scroll down to where it says "Show word verification for comments?" and click on the "No" radio button.
5. Scroll down and click the "SAVE SETTINGS" button.

I realised when I walked through these steps in my own blog settings, that I had word verification too and removed it :) Helping others helps us too :)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

This really helped me..Thank you so much lalitha garu..the setting is in old blogger interface...I have to roll back to change the setting..:-)

Thanks a lot..:-)